Tory Burch Perfume Review

tory burch perfume

Tory Burch fragrances do not smell very unique. They are not linear but the scent does last a while. The notes are a little modern and mainstream, but the fragrance isn’t too off-putting. It would fit perfectly into the Tommy Hilfiger or Ralph Lauren line of fragrances.

Just Like Heaven

Inspired by a state of mind, Tory Burch’s Just Like Heaven is a floral-citrus blend. This scent was created with the purest ingredients. The green floral extrait de parfum opens with a bright burst of rhubarb and sparkles with mandarin and petigrain. It then fades into a dreamy haze.

Cosmic Wood

Cosmic Wood is the essence of magic, with a complex blend of jasmine, vetiver, smoky wood and spicy cardamom. The scent is inspired by Tory’s father, Buddy. It is also one of the Essence of Dreams fragrances, which celebrates the power of dreams. The vetiver used for Cosmic Wood comes from sustainable, community-based sources.


Signature of Tory Burch is a sweet, green floral fragrance that was released in 2015. It is breezy, fresh and luscious. It’s a perfect scent for women who love the feel of green flowers.


You’ve probably already heard of the Tory Burch Jolie Fleur Vert, a luscious green floral perfume. It was released in 2015 and is an energizing and breezy scent. Tory Burch Jolie Fleur Vert is a sultry green floral fragrance that’s not overpowering, but is still sophisticated enough to make a statement.

Jolie Fleur Bleue

Inspired by the scent of tuberose, Jolie Fleur Bleue by Torry Burch is a beautiful scent with understated elegance. Its enchanting aroma is complemented by a blend of crisp grapefruit, creamy sandalwood, and earthy vetiver. The trio of notes evokes Tory Burch’s chic and romantic style.

Just Like Heaven by Tory Burch

Just Like Heaven is a citrus-floral blend inspired by a state of mind. Those moments when you let your thoughts wander. This fragrance features the purest, most natural ingredients, including green-floral extrait de parfum. The scent opens with a vibrant burst of rhubarb and sparkling mandarin, and closes with the dreamy haze of petigrain.

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