Stetson Cologne – A Coty Original

stetson cologne

Stetson cologne, a Coty original, is known for its masculine and rugged scent. It’s perfect for date nights, work events and gatherings.

It’s been a staple in men’s mass-market fragrances for years, making its mark on the world just like a classic Stetson hat. Now, it’s bringing a new cologne, Caliber, to market. Through print and digital advertising, Coty hopes to attract the attention of modern men.

The fragrance is made up of several layers of sweet, spicy and woody notes. It begins with an intense fruity and spicy aroma. As the scent develops, fern and patchouli notes rise. Once these notes have settled in, the musk and vanilla notes are added. In this way, Stetson for Men by Coty mellows into a subtle musk and vanilla scent.

For many people, the smell of a Stetson cologne reminds them of the old west. This is because it’s a strong, rough and manly scent that’s ideal for men who like working with their hands. It’s also ideal for evening wear, as it has a clean, rich and resonant scent.

Stetson was created by Coty Inc, a multinational beauty company. The brand is known as a top three seller in men’s mass-market fragrances in the United States. However, with the rise of men’s prestige fragrances, sales of mass-market colognes have dwindled. Consequently, the brand is now promoting its newest cologne, Caliber, through a contest.

When you first spray Stetson Original cologne, you’ll notice a burst of citrus. This is followed by an aromatic sage scent. With time, the scent evolves into a refined, yet still manly, chypre. There are hints of lavender, honey, jasmine and other flowers. But what makes the fragrance unique?

Aside from the sage and swagger, Stetson Original also has a warm, sultry and woodsy feel. The fragrance also evokes a sense of rugged independence and boldness.

Whether you’re a fan of the sage or the spice, the cologne will have you coming back for more. And since it’s so popular, it’s easy to find. You can buy it in a bottle or in a sprayer. Plus, you can always enhance your cologne by purchasing products that include Stetson enhancement.

If you love the sage scent but are looking for something with more depth, you may want to check out Stetson Preferred Stock. This cologne was formulated to appeal to bold, ambitious men.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more feminine version of the Stetson cologne, you’ll appreciate the softer scent of Stetson All American. It’s an aromatic spicy scent that develops into a powdery, fresh effect.

While there are other versions of the Stetson cologne, the Original is the most popular. This fragrance isn’t overpowering, and it’s designed for men who want to go out after work and impress a special someone.

Another good alternative is the Coty Country cologne. Like Stetson, it’s also designed to evoke the rugged, Western feel of the American West. Unlike Stetson, it’s not feminine, but the woodsy, bergamot, and nutmeg notes are just right for a night out.

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