Chance Chanel Eau De Toilette Review

chanel chance

Chance Chanel Eau Fraiche is a dazzlingly fresh fragrance that bursts with zest and strength. It is a fragrance that is almost unisex. The scent contains woody notes, citrus, and water hyacinth. These notes are combined with amber of patchouli and fresh vetiver. At the dry down stage, the scent turns to ambery patchouli and musk. This fusion of sexy, citrusy, and aquatic ingredients is the perfect choice for a fun, free-spirited woman.

Chance was created by Jacques Polge, Chanel’s chief perfumer, as a tribute to the original Chanel No. 5 perfume. Chance emulsion is a remarkably complex scent, displaying the nuances of jasmine, iris, amber, and patchouli. While it is not as complex as cologne, it does possess the longevity to match.

Chance’s signature is its combination of grapefruit plus patchouli plus musk. In addition to the obvious chemistry, the name has also been attributed to a bottle that resembles a whisky decanter. For a modern interpretation, the bottle is silver with a golden cap.

The Chance Eau Tender Eau de Parfum is an enhanced version of the same fragrance, containing more of its star components. In addition to the usual suspects of Jasmine and Amber, this Eau de Parfum contains Pink Pepper, Rose Essence, and Iris. Overall, Chance Eau Tender is an elegant, rosy, fruity-floral fragrance. As with all other Chance perfumes, this one is available in both eau de toilette and eau de parfum.

Whether you choose Chance Eau de Toilette or eau de parfum, this fragrance is a must for any woman who is searching for a signature scent. This oh-so-chic floral elixir has been formulated to be both fresh and lasting. You can buy it at most department stores.

There are several variants of the aforementioned eaux de parfum. Chance Chance Eau Tendre is a more tangy, fruity/floral elixir, while Chance Eau Vive is a more sheer, crisp, and refreshing incarnation of the same scent. Both versions are priced at approximately $77 for 50 ml.

Unlike its predecessor, Chance is not packaged in a square jar, but rather in a round, glass bottle that is packaged in beige and black. Its packaging is also not as fancy as that of the original. Still, it does not detract from the sexiness and sophistication of Chance.

Chance is a sexy, citrusy, and slightly aquatic fragrance, that offers something for every woman. Whether you’re looking for a fragrance that’s sexy and sexy-floral, or just a spritzer, you’ll find it in Chance. Even if you opt to purchase a knockoff, you won’t get the same cache. So if you’re looking for a great, inexpensive smelling elixir, be sure to check out Chance. From its sparkling, enticing, and energizing freshness to its lingering, bold, and long-lasting quality, Chance is a wonderful choice for any sexy woman on the go. Plus, Chance is made by Chanel, so you know you’re getting a brand that has the best.

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